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Activated Charcoal - Chocolate Flavored EnteraKlenz - Order
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Activated Charcoal - Chocolate Flavored EnteraKlenz - Order
525 grams - 30 servings

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EnteraKlenz -- 525 grams - 30 servings of chocolate flavored drink mix - EnteraKlenz Activated Charcoal - Ingredients/Dose | References $66.37 $49.77

We apologize but this product has been discontinued.


Recommended dosage:  Varies, typically 10 to 30 grams per day.  Only therapeutic amounts are effective.  Because of the large volume of charcoal that is needed, it is easiest to take liquid preparation of charcoal powder.  For example, to take 30 grams of charcoal a day in capsules would require that you swallow about 60 capsules.  Furthermore, activated charcoal tablets are not effective since they can take too long to disintegrate and release the activated charcoal.

Other Ingredients:  Xylitol artificial flavor and sucralose.

EnteraKlenz activated charcoal contains no added starch salt wheat gluten corn coloring dairy products or preservatives.  Keep EnteraKlenz activated charcoal container tightly closed in a cool dry and dark place.

Editors Note:  Concerning addictions, an additional consideration is to use kudzu and d,l phenylalanine in association with l-glutamine for lessening the desire for alcohol and carbohydrates.  Lithium orotate also shows promise in the addictions arena.  There seems to be a synergistic relationship with all of these combined compared to any one single nutrient alone.  Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants, and Silymarin (Milk Thistle) Extract are additional considerations.  N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) shows promise in gambling addictions and addictive behavior support.  In addition, activated charcoal/bentonite clay is the preferred choice for detoxification of toxic substances and other poisons that can build-up in our bodies.

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