Catuama - Catuaba Extract, Sexual Health, Energy - FAQs

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Catuama - Catuaba Extract, Sexual Health, Energy - FAQs
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Catuama - Catuaba Extract, Sexual Health, Energy - FAQs

We apologize but this product has been discontinued, however, we found a better replacement - Super MiraForte.

What is Catuama?
Catuama is the #1 natural performance supplement from Brazil.  It is a patented combination of standardized extracts of plants native to Brazil that improve physical endurance, mental clarity and sexual health.

Is it safe?
Catuama is safe:  It has been the leading energy product on the Brazilian market for more than 25 years.

Its all natural formula originated from a mixture of plants the Tupi Indians have been using for centuries to raise their energy and fight hunger during their weeklong exhausting hunting trips in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon.

Catuama uses only standardized extracts of those plants in exacting amounts so that every capsule releases the same biological potency.  Even under prolonged use Catuama showed excellent tolerability when used as directed.

Catuama has been used safely by millions of people.  Every Brazilian knows Catuama is not only for its energizing effects but also for the companys commitment to social and environmental causes. Catuama funds educational programs for children in need and supports the preservation of Brazils precious forests and flora.

What are the benefits of Catuama?
Catuama helps achieve a state of long-term increased energy.

While Catuama improves physical endurance, mental clarity and sexual health is more than the sum of its properties.

Catuama {katoohama} is the term the Amazon Indians use for Joy, Pleasure and Harmony.  It describes a state of general well-being.

Today we are under a lot of stress.  Coping with the every day strain of life results in less than optimal health and performance.  Catuama provides the extra energy needed to get through the day more easily, which helps the body find its normal balance, lifting ones spirit and energy.  Therefore, people taking Catuama reported that they are in a better physical condition and have more drive to undertake activities they couldnt before because of fatigue and stress.  In short:  their quality of life improved; they feel better.

How does it work?
While other products depend on one mode of action and therefore may not work in some people, provides energy through four synergistic mechanisms:  It improves the mitochondrial respiratory activity of the cells, the positive inotropic activity of the cardiovascular system, the activity of the enzymes guanylate cyclase, calcium ATPase and the inhibitory activity on PDE (phosphodiesterase).  With its quattro energy principle, it ensures that everyone will experience its energizing effects.

How does Catuama promote physical endurance?
The plant extracts of Catuama increase the concentration of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the bodys prime energy carrier.  Their vaso-relaxant action on the blood vessels enhances the blood flow whereby more oxygen reaches the cells for an increased production of ATP in the Krebs cycle.  In addition, ginger contributes with additional cardiotonic activity.

How does promote mental clarity?
First, it acts on the Central Nervous System (CNS) balancing the neurotransmitters responsible for the sensation of well being.  Secondly, Catuama stimulates the microcirculation and oxygen supply in the brain that are crucial factors for optimizing memory.  In a comparative study, Catuama was as effective as Ginkgo in its vaso-relaxant properties and even proved to be superior in other benefits such as antioxidant activity, inhibition of platelet aggregation as well as of NO (nitric oxide) formation.

How does Catuama promote sexual health?
As Catuama promotes general well being, it eases the psychological and physical burdens that may impede sexual performance. Catuamas vaso-relaxant action leads to a relaxation of the corpus cavernosum in men by helping blood flow to the penis causing an erection.  Clinical observations also showed an improvement of the libido in women as a result of the increased blood flow.  Furthermore, women with problems related to sexual relations, such as loss of vaginal lubrication and loss of sensitivity of the clitoris, experienced significant improvement of these symptoms.

How should I take Catuama?
One capsule per day is recommended for daily use.  For best results adults take two capsules a day, one before breakfast and one before lunch, for the first two weeks.  While there are noticeable benefits with the first dose of Catuama, the full benefits are usually recognized within 2 3 weeks.  Catuama should not be taken in the late afternoon or in the evening.

Catuama contains chemically and biologically standardized extracts of four plants:  Catuaba - an excellent tonic and energy provider;  Muira puama - a first-class neuro-muscular tonic;  Guarana - known and used by the Brazilian natives long before Western civilization, is used to improve physical and mental performance in cases of mental and physical exhaustion; and Ginger - a cardiotonic promoting positive inotropic and chronotropic actions.

Catuama is the first and only product that contains exclusively Catuaba from Trichilia catigua.  It is the only Catuaba that has been proven safe and effective in clinical studies.

Who can take Catuama?
Any adult, male or female, will find this product beneficial:  busy parents, active career professionals, students, athletes, elderly people, people recovering from ailments, and people with diabetes.  Anyone who is active and/or subject to stress feels the immediate benefit of Catuama. People who are not in acute need of energy can take it as a prophylactic.  It can be used safely and effectively to provide energy and to combat fatigue, drowsiness and tiredness.

What about athletes?
An independent laboratory certified by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has established the safety of in athletes:  A screening on the full range of performance enhancing substances turned out negative.

Can people with diabetes take Catuama?
People with diabetes usually have poor blood circulation.  The lower limbs are most likely affected with conditions such as cramps and poor wound healing.  Over time diabetic men increasingly suffer from sexual dysfunction.  Catuama stimulates the blood flow and may therefore help in certain diabetic conditions.

Are there any side effects using Catuama?
Catuama products have been on the market for over 25 years and are subject to a strict pharmacovigilance system.

In rare cases light gastrointestinal side effects may be observed in people using herbal products for the first time.  These symptoms are usually temporary and disappear after few days of continued use of the product.

In cases where the product was taken too late in the afternoon or at night sleeplessness or insomnia has been experienced.

How about caffeine?
Catuama contains natural guarana that contains caffeine embedded in its natural cofactors such as tannins.  Together they form the guaranine complex, which is equi-effective but milder.  One capsule contains 40 mg per capsule that is equivalent to one cup of green tea.

Catuama does not contain pure or artificial caffeine that is frequently added in other products in order to spike them up.

Is there any research to back the claims of Catuama?
The company has invested millions of dollars in research on the safety and efficacy of over the last ten years. Catuama contains the only clinically researched catuaba.

Clinical studies proved the vasorelaxant properties of Catuama.  Three follow-up clinical studies showed significant improvements in men with erectile dysfunction.

A comparative study proved that Catuama works better than the gold standard ginkgo biloba in improving cognitive functions.

An independent laboratory certified by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) submitted to a full range screening on performance enhancing substances. Catuama turned out negative.

Numerous clinical studies are ongoing at various centers explore further properties of in specific conditions such as depression and inflammation.

Why is the Catuaba in Catuama different?
The catuaba in is from Trichilia catigua A. Juss.  It is the only biologically standardized and clinically researched catuaba extract.  Other catuaba extracts may come from a range of different plant families.  They are usually not biologically standardized and have not been clinically tested.  Due to pioneering research on catuaba, the company was granted a patent by the United States Office for Patent and Trade Marks.

How do you make sure that the quality is the same from batch to batch?
Each of the four plant extracts in are prepared and standardized separately.  Then the combined formulation is tested in a biological model on its bioactivity at an independent university.  It will be released only when the bioactivity equals the activity of the batches used in clinical tests (reference standard).

This quality control procedure assures that each capsule not only contains the same quantity of extract but also provides the same bioactivity.  Therefore, is one of the few herbal products and the only catuaba product that guarantees the same biological potency in every capsule.

Laboratrio Catarinense that manufacturers the product for us locally in Brazil is cGMP and ISO certified.  It has established partnerships with the best universities and research centers around the world for establishing standards for the ecologically correct cultivation of medicinal plants.

What else should I know?
Laboratorio Catarinense not only provides jobs for the research and manufacturing of in the south of Brazil, it uses part of its revenues to fund educational programs for children in need and life assistance programs for the elderly.  Thousands of children and senior citizens in the state of Santa Catarina in the southern part of Brazil enjoy a better quality of life through s social programs.

Catuama funds programs that encourage reforestation and sustainable sourcing.  For the extracts only special parts are used leaving the plants alive for regeneration. Catuama makes sure that its success helps preserve the precious the environment on which we all depend.

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